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Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection (Nicolas Herman, d. 1691) is not a saint in the formal sense, but his spiritual insights mean that he is regarding with special love by the Carmelite Family. Lawrence was a brother in the Discalced house in Paris where among his everyday tasks as a cook and cobbler he enjoyed a continual sense of God’s love. Lawrence maintained a regular correspondence and received many people seeking his advice, realising that since Jesus became human and ‘dwelt among us’ (John 1:14) he too had to be where the people are, with and for those needing help. After Lawrence’s death his letters and spiritual maxims were published, and his book The Practice of the Presence of God is an international bestseller among Catholics and Protestants (it was highly recommended by John Wesley).

This text is an extract from Holy Men & Women of Carmel (a survey of saints from the earliest days of the Carmelite Family to the present).

An overview of the life of Brother Lawrence and a glimpse into the spiritual life of this simple man can be found at Brother Lawrence.