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In this third and final talk for Lent 2024, Bishop Greg asks the hard question: what do you do when God’s love seems to be absent? He responds by drawing upon how St Thérèse responded when she felt engulfed in a night of nothingness. 

In this second Lenten talk, Bishop Greg moves on to contemplate with us how Thérèse responded to God’s loving encounter with her. How did being touched by God in the heart of her brokenness and powerlessness affect Thérèse’s thinking and living?

In his first 2024 Lent talk, Bishop Greg Homeming explores St Thérèse’s experience of God – an experience that was spoken into her brokenness, vulnerability and failures. It is a moving reflection on how we too can encounter God in the most messed-up and seemingly inescapable parts of our lives.

Learn more about the parents of St Thérèse of Lisieux in this inspiring, informative and engaging talk. The presenter is Maureen O'Riordan, curator of the website “St Thérèse of Lisieux: A Gateway" as well as websites for Thérèse's parents. 

This is so beautiful and deeply inspiring. The nuns of the Dolgellau Carmelite Monastery (in Wales) have produced this short video about St Therese of Lisieux's Little Way and what it means in our daily lives. It is a MUST watch!!!

Here is a brilliant short talk by Bishop Greg Homeming. Bishop Greg offers us fresh and encouraging insights into the spirituality of St Teresa of Avila as he reflects upon how Teresa's human weaknesses lead her to union with Jesus.

Here is a treasure! This is an excellent talk by Sister Jo Robson of the Ware Carmel (UK) on St Teresa of Avila as a woman who changed the Church – and who is still changing it today.

Prompted by probing and honest questions from his young interlocutor, in this interview the Australian Carmelite Bishop Greg Homeming explores topics such as loving ourselves, the transformative love of God, listening to God in prayer and much more. Watching this conversation is 20 minutes well spent!

In this short video, Sister Catherine-Ann and Sister Marie Tania of the Ormiston Carmelite Monastery (Brisbane) offer an insight into the life of a Carmelite nun. They discuss discernment, why they chose religious life, the Carmelite charism, day-to-day activities inside the monastery, and more!

In this video, the Carmelite priest and theologian Fr Steven Payne presents a wonderful lecture entitled “The Dark Night of the Soul, Yesterday and Today: Revisiting John of the Cross's Classic Text and Symbol." It is nourishment for the mind and heart!

This wonderful talk was presented by Fr Ron Rolheiser during a conference hosted by St Mary's University in Twickenham, England, called “John of the Cross: Carmel, Desire and Transformation." Fr Ron explores with great clarity and insight – often using relatable examples – how the transformation that St John of the Cross talks about in terms of “dark nights" connects with the nitty gritty of our human experience.

In this beautiful interview, Sister Cushla of the Christchurch Carmelite Monastery shares her own vocation story and something of the story of the Carmelite Order. She also offers wonderfully helpful insights for anyone seeking to live a full and flourishing life. It's well worth grabbing a cup of coffee and enjoying this nourishment for your soul.

To celebrate the feast day of St Teresa of Avila, Fr Greg Burke, OCD – Parish Priest of Infant Jesus Parish, Morley, Western Australia – reflects upon the impact of Teresa on his life.

In this very short video, Bishop Greg Homeming, OCD reflects upon the importance of coming to terms with who we are so as to have the freedom truly to live our own lives.

Here is an insightful and moving reflection about Our Lady of Mount Carmel from the theologian Dr M. Shawn Copeland.

Here's another short video by Bishop Greg Homeming. In just over a minute, he explores our flaws as a key place where we encounter the transforming presence of God.