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Let Nothing Disturb You?

“Let nothing disturb you,” St Teresa of Avila counsels us in her famous prayer. But how can we possibly “let nothing disturb us” if we are consumed with worry, for instance, about the ill-health of a loved one, or about a relationship breakdown, or about our financial situation? In this article, Michelle Jones explores the possibility that Rembrandt’s painting “The Jewish Bride” can help us understand and live Teresa’s prayer more deeply.

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The Prayer Project

The Prayer Project is a set of resources and guidelines created by the Community of Carmelite friars at the Mount Carmel Retreat Centre designed to help you to pray simply at home – during the pandemic and beyond!

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The Contemplative Life and Social Justice

This article explores critical questions perhaps asked by people drawn to the Carmelite tradition: Given the imperative for all Christians to be alert to the demands of social justice, how can we responsibly follow a call to a relatively simple life which gives priority to prayer? Do we not run the risk of camouflaging an essentially egocentric existence with the label “contemplative”? Could this not be, rather, merely a “cop-out,” avoiding the “real” concerns of Christian living?

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Lose Yourself: Getting past “me” to “thee”

The following article by Ruth Burrows (Sr Rachel of the Quidenham Carmelite Monastery, England) is both challenging and enriching. Burrows explores what Jesus means when he insists that we must become as little as a little child in order to enter the kingdom of God.

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