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“Will we ever understand how much we are loved? I think this is indeed the knowledge of the saints.”
– St Elizabeth of the Trinity –
“‘Facing’ the Crucified can reveal layers of self-identity, bringing home to us the truth that we are made in God’s image and loved wildly by this God on the cross.”
– Elizabeth A. Dreyer –
“When you set yourself down to pray, what do you want? If you want God to take possession of you then you are praying. That is all prayer is. There are no secrets, no short cuts.”
– Sister Wendy Beckett –
“Let us turn our gaze upon the Babe as one who shows us what God is like. He shows us the sort of heart the Father has. And what strikes us so wonderfully is that it is a vulnerable heart. A heart that offers itself to us unprotected.”
– Ruth Burrows –
“We do not always have to be in church to be with God. We can make of our hearts a chapel where we can withdraw from time to time to converse with him there, gently, humbly, and lovingly.”
– Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection –
“In order that Love be fully satisfied, it is necessary that It lower Itself, and that it lower Itself to nothingness and transform this nothingness into fire.”
– St Therese of Lisieux –
“The Father spoke one Word, which was his Son, and this Word he speaks always in eternal silence, and in silence must it be heard by the soul.”
– St John of the Cross –
“It is at the very heart of human nature to desire what it is unable to achieve. We were made for infinity, for relationship with God; without it we will always be incomplete.”
– Michael Casey –
“Faith alone can overcome the world and the threat the world imposes. It does not follow that we lose the feeling of anxiety and fear – we would be poorer for that – but these now play a role that is creative not destructive. Fear can cripple, paralyse, prompt us to shirk and evade life. Faith enables us to live with reality, braving its challenge.”
– Ruth Burrows –
“I don’t think anyone can feel God. Those who believe in him most are most aware of his non-feelability, as it were. God is such a total mystery.
– Sister Wendy Beckett –